Chologhuri অনায়াস - in association with IPDC


How to avail Chologhuri অনায়াস?

Select Product

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Fill-up IPDC EZ Form

Fill-up necessary information and upload required documents in IPDC EZ form.

Travel Documents

After getting confirmation from IPDC of your EMI, receive your necessary travel documents chologhuri

Bon Voyage!

Kick off your trip with a smile.

Visit IPDC EZ form ( and fill-up all your required information carefully

Fill-up information of a reference carefully. Only family members/close friends/relatives/colleagues are only applicable as reference.

Fill-up the product details section with necessary information of your Chologhuri Product.

Upload necessary documents only in the given formats. Submit your application and wait for the approval notification from IPDC.


  1. 1. National Identification Number (NID)
  2. 2. Office ID Card / Visiting Card
  3. 3. Salary Certificate/Pay Slip
  4. 4. Bank Statement (Last 3 Month)
  5. 5. Photo - 2 Copies
  6. 6. Bank Cheque (1 Copy)
  7. 7. Reference NID Copy with Photo
  8. 8. Contact Number

Tenure Percentage of Charge Min. Down Payment
3 8.5% IPDC will decide
6 8.5% IPDC will decide
9 8.5% IPDC will decide
12 8.5% IPDC will decide

Terms & Conditions

Installment terms and conditions

  1. 1. Customer must be an employee of a private or government organization and must have a salary account.
  2. 2. Monthly income must be BDT 20,000 or more.
  3. 3. Down payment must be made during delivery of the product.
  4. 4. Customer may give the down payment by cheque, bKash or cash deposit.
  5. 5. Remaining amount must be paid as installments in due time.
  6. 6. Chologhuri Limited will initially validate the customer’s information.
  7. 7. IPDC will decide the eligibility of customers.
  8. 8. Chologhuri Limited will send all the necessary documents directly to IPDC.
  9. 9. Both IPDC and Chologhuri Limited will not be liable for any kind of mistakes made by the customer while filing up the IPDC EZ Form.
  10. 10. Customers are requested to discuss with concerned person of Chologhuri Limited before availing the EMI service.

During delivery

  1. 1. A cheque bearing the full price of the product must be issued in IPDC’s name (As security)
  2. 2. First installment cheque /bKash must be given (if payment time is already due)
  3. 3. DDI form must be signed by giving instructions to the bank.
  4. 4. Signed application form.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact No for “Chologhuri অনায়াস” Service (10AM – 6 PM): (+880) 1991779977