EVALY Gift Cards

  1. 1. Customers will be allowed to buy only regular price services (Internationa Hotel/Resort Booking, Visa Processing, International Tour Packages etc.) that means discounted offers will not be sold through gift cards.

  2. 2. The cards cannot be redeemed in any Chologhuri Ltd. dealer stores or franchise stores.

  3. 3. This card will be activated after 15-21 days of full payment.

  4. 4. The Gift Cards have to be used fully in a single transaction. One can purchase multiple items using one Gift Card. If the total payable value exceeds the Gift Cards value extra amount can be paid in cash or Bkash. But if there's any remaining that can't be claimed as Cash.

  5. 5. The validity of the cards will be for 3 months from the card activation date.

  6. 6. Chologhuri Ltd. will take care of customer claims regarding product issues.

  7. 7. One voucher number can only be used once. If the system shows it is already redeemed/availed than it will be automatically rejected.

  8. 8. Discount or any other promotional offer will not be applicable on Gift Cards.

  9. 9. Gift vouchers can't be exchanged for cash.