Embassy Phone: (88-02) 881-2795-6, 881-3260-1
Embassy Email: thaidac@mfa.go.th
Embassy Address: 18 & 20, Madani Avenue Baridhara, Dhaka-1212
Visa Fee: Visa fee+Processing fee: 5,300/-

Visa Fee & Chologhuri processing Fee: BDT 5,300/- 
Processing time: 10 Working Days approx (New) & 5 Working Days Approx ( 2nd time)

Basic information:

  • Valid passport(s) and the minimum validity of the passport must be 6 months from the date of travel.
  • The passport must have 2 Blank pages
  • 2 copies of recent color photos sized 35x45 mm Matt Paper white background (Cap & Glass Photos not allowed).
  • 2 sets of Visiting cards.
  • Personal Bank statement for last 6 months and bank solvency certificate (Salary statement/Pay slip for last 3 months)
  • Note: Minimum account balance must be 70,000/- per person. (If sponsored, then the amount must be 70,000*Pax) This amount must be deposited in the account until the passport is given back from the Embassy
  • NID Card.
  • Marriage Certificate Notarized and English translated copy ( If Spouse name not mentioned in Passport)

Job Holders:

  • NOC( No Objection Certificate )
  • Office ID Card (Both-sided photocopy)
  • GO for Govt. Official Passport
  • BMDC certificate for Doctor
  • BAR council Certificate for Advocate
  • Retirement certificate for Retired Person.

Business person:

  • Blank Page of Office Pad (2 copies)
  • Renewal Trade License with English Notary, Memorandum for Limited Company.


  • Both-sided photocopy of the Student ID Card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • School/ University leave letter

1. Please submit all passports (Previous and new) to Chologhuri at the time of submission
2. We only process tourist and business visas (non immigrant, immigrant, work, study and other type of visas are not processed by us)
3. We do not process any urgent visas
4. Once you submit all the documents to us, we will take 1-2 working days to prepare all the documents for submitting to the respective embassies
5. We may ask for additional documents which are not listed in the checklist because embassy sometime require more documents than usual. We request everyone to be co-operative if such thing happens.
6. Visa is not guaranteed and decision is up to the embassy. Sometime embassy asks for personal interview session, applicants need to go to the embassy if requires.