Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As more travel restrictions are put in place our Customer Care Team is continuing to experience an extremely high volume of calls and emails. We continue to request that if you are not traveling within the next four weeks please refrain from calling or emailing. If you are traveling after this time please send a singular email containing all applicable information including booking reference number, email address, best contact number, and the issue you would like assistance with. This will allow our team to provide concise advice for your request. Additionally, by waiting to change or cancel this may save you the typically high airline change or cancellation fees if airline cancellation policies are updated.

A reminder for those awaiting contact from Customer Care please be advised that you may receive calls from an unknown number. Please answer these calls, this will allow for our team to process your request promptly.

Current updates:

  • For those traveling please ensure that items such as hand sanitizer meet the restrictions set by your airline. Many hand sanitizers contain flammable liquids as the antiseptic which means there are restrictions on the quantity permitted to be carried.

How we can help:

  • Refunds: We are experiencing a high number of cancellations. Due to this the refund time may take up to 12 weeks to be finalized. If you are waiting on a refund please refrain from following up on this. Our team is working hard to process these.

  • Change and Cancellations: If you are calling to change or cancel your flight, please be aware that in the vast majority of cases there will still be as per normal airline fare rules. For those traveling to destinations affected by travel bans due to COVID-19, as an act of goodwill, we are matching waivers that airlines are offering.

  • Schedule Change: (This is when the airline changes your flight). If you have a schedule change please action these based on the options provided. If none of the options suit please call our Customer Care team.